Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines

Industrial Sewing Machine Thread

Cowboy, bonded nylon, pre-lubricated thread

Single Color Thread Prices and Sizes

1/2 pound spools bonded nylon: $10.00 each, available in sizes #69 and #92

1 pound spools of bonded polyester: $20.00, size #92, in black, white and natural.

1 pound spools nylon: $18.00 each, available in sizes: #138, #207, #277, #346

1 pound spools Polyester: $20.00 each, available in sizes: #138, #207, #277 & #346 (black, white and natural)

Primary Colors Stocked

Black, white, natural (Y001), light brown (Y033), golden brown (Y047) and medium (Y035) and dark brown (Y038)

Need a different color or size? Ask about other sizes, colors or shades

See our needle and thread size chart

Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines is the US dealer for the Cowboy® brand of industrial sewing machine thread, as well as other brands. We have a large supply of bonded nylon thread, in sizes 46 through 346, in a variety of colors.

We mostly stock thread in either 1/2 or 1 pound spools (see comparison photo)

We are now having our own brand of bonded and pre-lubricated* nylon and polyester thread made for us, under the Cowboy label. We are stocking Cowboy thread in six primary colors. They are black, white, natural, light brown, golden brown and dark brown.

Cowboy bonded thread is dyed consistently across the different sizes we carry. This ensures that if you switch sizes on a project, or choose to have a larger size on top then in the bobbin, the colors will match. And best of all, we now have Cowboy thread in stock in 6 of the most popular sizes, from #69 through #346.

We have begun stocking Cowboy bonded polyester thread in sizes 92 through 346, in limited colors. The cost is just $2.00 more per spool. Contact us for information about our stock on hand.

We will order other colors if demand increases for them. Call us if you need a large quantity of a particular color and size of thread. We will quote you a price and estimated time of delivery.

Amann Serafil Thread
Due to popular demand, we are now carrying a limited supply of Amann Serafil bonded thread in a variety of interesting colors (e.g., Harley orange, red, pink, tourquoise), in sizes #92 through #277. Made in Germany, this high end polyester continuous filament thread comes in both small (~2 oz) and medium (~8 oz) spools. Call or email us for prices and availability of your desired colors and sizes.

* Pre-lubricated bonded nylon and polyester thread is less likely to fray, or come unbonded, from a hot needle or dense leather. It also cools the needle as you sew, allowing for faster stitching.

Call us toll free, at: 866-362-7397, to discuss your sewing accessories and thread needs.