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Video presentations of Cowboy sewing machines

Scroll down to see video on smart phones.

Watch part one again: threading a Cowboy CB4500 leather stitcher.

Watch part two: Sewing with a Cowboy CB4500.

Watch how a lockstitch is formed around the bobbin (by Nikolay S, CC-BY-SA-3.0)

See our machines in action

The following videos were produced by end-users of Cowboy sewing machines and are used here with their permission.

Sewing a dog collar on a Cowboy CB4500 leather stitcher, by Bruce Cheaney.

Sewing a saddle skirt on a Cowboy CB4500 leather stitcher, by Bruce Cheaney.

Inline presser foot set in action, on a Cowboy CB4500, by Wiz Feinberg

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Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines is the US dealer and service depot for the Cowboy® brand of industrial sewing machines and heavy leather stitchers. We also sell (and service) new and rebuilt Juki, Consew, Chandler and other brands of industrial sewing machines and sewing supplies, throughout the United States and Canada.

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