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Customer Testimonials

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Bob, I'm just about at my one year anniversary in leather work business, and I'm happy to report things are going better than I could have imagined.....and I owe it all to my Cowboy CB3500. No way I could have accomplished what I have without it.

Attached are some recent projects:
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I also want to thank you for your great customer've always been there when I needed help and advice and I truly appreciate it.

Thank you!!
Rick Garcia
RG Leather

I wanted to let you and your readers know how happy I am with my new Cowboy CB4500, which sews everything asked of it. I use it for all kinds of jobs, including hemming jeans and leather garments. With the correct needle and thread sizes, this machine can sew just about anything that fits under the feet.

I am also very pleased with your Cowboy pre-lubricated nylon thread, especially the black thread. Other brands I have been using were often like coil springs coming off the spool; forming figure 8s and wrapping around posts, or coming out of tension disks. Cowboy black thread feeds smoothly, without kinking or forming twists over the thread stand or machine top post and it stays put inside the tensioners. Kudos Bob!

Sincerely, Wiz Feinberg
Wizcrafts Sewing and Leathercraft

I just wanted you to know how happy I am with my CB4500. It is the most important piece of equipment in my shop. My business has grown very rapidly over the last year, and I could not have kept up without the Cowboy.

The machine has worked flawlessly from the day I received it. I had no experience with sewing machines before using this one, and the learning curve was very short.

You set the machine up exactly as I needed it, and answered all my questions to get started. I could not be happier with the machine or your customer service.

Attached are some recent CB4500 projects:
(Photos: 1 2 3 4 )

Thanks again,
Steven Kelley
Kelley Gun Leather

April 30, 2012

Dear Bob,
Thanks for all of your assistance, both during the purchase process and after my sewing machine was delivered. As you know, I made the follow post on

"I've been making holsters since 1969, hand sewing until about two years ago, when I purchased a Tippmann Boss. The Boss was sold and shipped this past Monday morning and my Cowboy CB4500 was delivered a few hours later. Originally, I had ordered the short-armed CB3500 but, after reading many posts on this forum, I changed my order to the mid-armed CB4500 (16.5"). This is really quite a machine and built like a tank. The shipping weight was over 300 pounds! It took me about thirty minutes to assemble the machine. It was obvious that Bob Kovar, at Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines, had carefully checked everything and had adjusted the machine before shipping. I threaded the machine (Bob has a very helpful video on threading on his website), grabbed a couple a scraps of leather and started sewing. Everything worked perfectly. I cannot say enough nice things about Bob. He's has been extremely helpful and patient with my questions. As a businessman, he gets it, treating me as I would like to be treated. He does what he says he will do and, if away from the phone, promptly returns calls."

Thanks again for your help.

With best regards,
Jeffrey G. Chosid
Saint Louis, Missouri

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