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Consew Premier© P1206RB Walking Foot Sewing Machine

The Consew P1206RB industrial walking foot sewing machine

MODEL: Premier© P1206RB


Oil Pump System with Pump, Oil Pan and Adjustable Oil Flow

Adjustable Oil Gauge

Reverse Lever

Large Horizontal Axis Hook and Side-Loaded Bobbin

Adjustable Upper Thread Tension

Locking Stitch Regulator

Built-In Bobbin Winder


Speed, Max. (S.P.M.): 3000 *Speed depends on thread, material and operation.

Presser Foot Lift: By Hand: 5/16" / By Knee: 5/8"

Needle Bar Stroke: 1-29/64"

Stitch Length, Max: 3.6 s.p.i.

Work Space: 10-1/4" x 4-3/4"

Needle: 135x16 or 135x17

Industrial table on K-legs stand

Powerful servo motor with a 2" or 3" pulley

LED gooseneck flex lamp

Accessories & upgrades available

PRICE: $995.00, plus shipping

Consew industrial sewing machines are built as tough as tanks and are capable of sewing medium density leather, heavy cloth, vinyl, webbing, bioplastic and other materials, with fairly heavy thread.

The new Consew P1206RB walking foot machine, pictured here (click here for close-up of machine head), is capable of sewing up to 3/8" of medium temper leather, or heavy textiles, with up to #207 bonded nylon or polyester thread.

The P1206RB has a flat bed with 10 1/4 inches of inside clearance; ideal for sewing couch and seat covers, bimini covers, belts, webbing, denim clothing, coats, leather garments, wallets, book covers, and pancake style gun and tool holsters. It has a separate locking stitch length dial and a push down, adjustable reverse lever, which sews into the same holes in reverse. The machine uses the same inner and outer walking pressor feet as the Singer 111w155 and most other walking foot machines. There are many styles of pressor feet for particular jobs, like installing zippers, piping and edge binding. There are numerous accessory folders available for covering or finishing hems and edges, and for sewing piping into upholstery projects.

This machine features a pump driven, adjustable flow oiling system for both the hook and shuttle drive parts and the upper moving parts. The pump works efficiently at both slow and fast speeds.

Every new Consew P1206RB purchase comes complete with a 550 watt servo motor, mounted on an solid wood, industrial table and steel k-legs frame.

The Consew P1206RB has triple feed, with an adjustable lift inside foot, that is perfect for sewing all kinds of heavy canvas, denim, and garment and outdoor cloth, as well as leather and vinyl projects, up to 3/8 inch thickness, or more. The machine can handle from #69, up to #207 bonded nylon or polyester thread. If you need to sew material that is considerably thicker than 3/8 inch, with thread heavier than #207, you may want to check out our Cowboy line of heavy duty sewing machines, some of which are capable of sewing over 3/4 inches of leather, with a size 415 thread handling capacity.

For information about how a walking foot machine operates and a video of one in action, go to our walking foot overview page.

You can view or download the complete parts and adjustments manual here (3.37 MB).

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